IILHI Studio was started in 2017.

If you have ever worked in major studios, you will know exactly what to expect when walking in the door at IILHI. But we are so much more than an studio, we are a community. That’s why our workplace is so full of fun perks, a creative environment.

IILHI Studio is in the heart of Chennai, India’s post production and visual effects. Featuring the latest software and hardware Employing a core collaborative team of loyal senior artists, animators and technical directors.


IILHI caters for both the Film and Television industries, offering a flexible and cost-effective service. Our team has extensive experience in delivering the very best quality and service in Rotoscopy, Paint/Prep, Matchmove/Rotomation, and Compositing.


Our 2D team is highly experienced talents in doing Tele-Series, DVD Movies, Ads and Motion Graphics. We are skilled in Pre-Production activities such as Story Board, Character Designs, Concept Art and Animatic. Our core Animation Team is also skilled in Producing Semi-Limited, Limited and Snappy Animation.


Making an Animation video is an art, and it requires exceptional technical skills and familiarity with various Animation tools. Only a skilled animated artist with creative thinking would generate a scene sequence which you desire. We at IILHI have a dedicated 3D Animation team with excellent creative knowledge focused on Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Game Cinematics & Trailers etc.